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Calvo Tuna

This campaign pursues to give to the mothers the proper recognition that they deserve as the household’s heroines, highlighting in a very sensible way, the sixth sense so characteristic of them, which makes them so capable to detect any attempt of being deceived.



This weekend: sunshine and clear skies throughout the country. Summery weather for this time of year with plenty of sunshine and temperatures rising, so get the bikini out.
MVO: On the Internet, on the radio, on all the television channels,The weatherman insists that this weekend will be the best weekend of the year and you look at your mum and the first thing she puts in the suitcase is…a raincoat. Because only they know that:
(Imitating a mother´s voice) “The weathermen don’t tell the truth because if they did, no one would go to hotels or resorts”.
MVO: That’s how it is: it’s impossible to fool a mum. That is why when we say that Calvo Tuna is the best, it is because it is.

MVO: At last they’re bringing the plasma TV.
TV GUY: Hello, good morning. Here’s your TV.
MVO: And suddenly, she looks tat it and thinks, “wait, this isn’t a 40 inch TV like he told me; it’s more like 54 inches”. Because your mother knows an inch is a universal unit of measurement equivalent to 2.54 centimetres. And what’s more, the inches are measured diagonally. But instead of telling this to her husband, because she doesn’t want him to lose face, she says to him, “but where are you going with that bulky TV?”
MVO: Because that’s how it is: you can’t fool a mum. That’s why when we say that Calvo Tuna is our best tuna, that’s because it is.


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Gunn Report 2013
Ranked as one of the most awarded commercials in the worldCannes Lions 2013
Bronze Lion | FilmInternational Advertising Association
Excellence in Advertising Award 2014

El Sol 2013
Gold | TV Food
Bronze | Radio “keys”

Club de Creativos
Silver | Ideas
Silver | Execution
Finalist | TV Ideas
Finalist | TV Execution
Finalist | Radio Ideas

El Ojo de Iberoamérica
Gold | Film
Gold Best Local Television Spain
Gold Best Local Radio Spain

Fiap 2013
Gold | TV
Bronze | Radio
Silver | Audiovisual Production Techniques

Gold | Spots

Gold | Television
Silver | Campaign

Premios Efi
Bronze | Business Communication