Call Center

NH Hotels

These radio spots record NH hotel’s actual clients’ spontaneous reactions gathered live on the phone. A “Lost & Found’s” Office customer service manager asks them if they are the owners of some things they might have left in the hotel on a recent stay. Eg: Their couple’s terrible habits, their son’s failing grades, or some tricky work issues; Want to hear what their answers were?


Cannes lions 2011
Bronze lion | Radio Mari Carmen Gómez
Bronze lion | Radio Valentín Pizarro
Bronze lion | Radio Vicente Loureiro

El Sol/San Sebastián 2011
Silver | Radio

Fiap 2012
Golden sun | Radio campaign
Gold | Radio Mari Carmen Gómez
Silver | Radio Valentín Pizarro
Silver | Radio Vicente Loureiro

El Ojo de Iberoamérica
Gold | Radio

Eurobest 2011
Bronze | Radio